March 24, 2020

5 Reasons Why Video Content Should Be Part Of Your 2020 Marketing Strategy (Especially Now)

By admin

Remember “Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles?

If you’re too young, old, cool, un-cool, mainstream or alternative for it, then you’re missing out.

And we feel like it’s our moral obligation to take you there.

Now, this absolute anthem of a track came out in 1979, but social media marketers, you know how true it still holds today, don’t you?

Maybe not the radio star, maybe, but the video definitely killed the photo stars. Are we right, or are we right?

Video has taken over. There was a time when a family of four would turn to one screen, the television. Today, with social media each person has their own personal screen.

Add to that the many options served up today – long-form, short-form, ads, teasers, GIFs, stories, live, and whatever else.

But let’s take Instagram and Facebook Stories as an example. What a clever format!

Yes, perhaps Zuckerberg might have made this move to crush Snapchat.

But still. The way in which people consume media has all contributed to making video more important than ever before.

Video content isn’t the future of marketing anymore, it’s the present. So, if you’re not already on board, then hurry up!

Even if you’re not going to be producing any video anytime soon, it pays to be aware of the video marketing trends for 2020.

In fact, 83% of marketers believe that video is becoming increasingly paramount, which signaled the start of more brands using video as part of their digital marketing strategies.

So, let’s get into it.


1: Video Can Boost Conversion Rate

Videos can make your business or personal brand some serious money. For instance, adding a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

Viewers are likely to stay longer on your website if you feature a video. Why? It boosts credibility, builds trust with the consumer, and is an effortless way for anyone to learn more about your company.

Video can thus lead to sales.

2: Video Helps With SEO

Google LOVES videos!

When people watch videos on your website, they spend more time there. The longer a person lingers around your website, the better the trust is built through this exposure. This exposure, in turn, signals search engines that your site has good content.

Video also helps SEO by being responsive across multiple devices. You can reach a wider audience as different video platforms like Youtube and Vimeo adjust to multiple screen sizes and are optimized for mobile devices.

3: Video Ads Work Wonders

People, just like you and me, love to watch catchy videos. So, it’s an established fact that video content is more popular and easily consumed by everyone.

As mentioned, Video advertising is a fantastic way of generating and converting sales leads. Video ads prompt the consumer to go to a particular website and buy the product. Video ads are also picked up more easily by social media algorithms.

Great video ads are shareable. Remember this ad from Rema 1000? Yeah, this actually made its way from our little Norway to viewers all the way in India.

That’s the power of great video.

One of the biggest benefits of a video ad is that it can be measured. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube all give you loads of analytics and details on who’s watching your stuff, where, and when.

4: Video Encourages Social Sharing

We’ve touched on how great video ads can go ‘viral’, increasing its reach and engagement.

With these new formats of videos, all social media channels now have the possibility to share them.

However, a word to the wise marketers, most people share what they find entertaining or valuable. So, make sure your video is either value-based or emotion-based.

But if you can do both in a video, then go for it.

The only emotional sort of approach on content can’t always guarantee an ROI, but if your video triggers a decent increase in traffic thanks to social sharing, you can take it from there.

5: Video Engages Even The Laziest Buyers

A video is a great tool for learning, but also a super-easy chunk of content to consume.

Life’s too busy to have time to read lengthy product descriptions or dig deep into services.

Modern customers, especially millennials, want to see the product in action.

Video marketing works on many levels by capturing the attention of even the laziest consumers.

Through a video, a customer is engaging with content that talks about your product in a format they prefer consuming.

Just make sure you tailor your content not only for the eyes but also the ears of a potential consumer/client.

On that note, here’s a tip: Do NOT skimp on adding captions to your videos. Remember that Facebook and Instagram play videos back in mute-mode by default unless someone taps on them or unmutes them.

So to hook a casual browser’s attention (which, let’s face it, is everyone on social media ever), definitely throw in those captions if you’ve got dialogues or a talking-heads style video.

There are a lot more reasons why video should be your #1 content format for your marketing strategy, making content creation fun for your team and content consumption easy for your audience.

Besides, if you think about it, the effectiveness of video isn’t even surprising.

If pictures can boost engagement massively, then a video is only going to do better, right?

Ok, we’re off to make a video based on this blog now.

Wondering what video content you should be putting out? Drop us a line in the comments!