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About Us

Flow Concepts is a Customer Experience and Brand Growth Agency with a focus on taking Scandinavian brands global. Our goal is to take your customers from 'aware of you' to 'satisfied with you' to 'absolutely delighted by you' to 'tell everyone about you'. All of that, in every market you break into.

Our Mission

is to empower businesses to communicate their purpose, saleability and story into a delightful brand experience for every customer.

We do this through powerful brand strategy, consistent implementation and careful customer experience design.

Our Vision

is to exist in a world where every great idea finds its way to the people whose life it can enrich.

We want to live in a world where ‘marketing’ doesn’t stand in the way of great people and great businesses, but instead, equips them to serve to their fullest potential.

We are, at our heart, value-hungry marketers. The way we see it, creating and sharing value in today's brand-packed economy is the most foolproof way to grow influence, sales and brand equity. Our goal is to create immersive, positive and powerful customer experiences that leave our clients' customers not just satisfied, but absolutely delighted. As a team, we’re as much about the process as the results. We believe that great marketing is an act of love, care, carefully-curated strategy and efficient execution.

We’re young, bold and (dare we say) beautiful souls. Flow Concepts was born in Dubai in 2018 when founder and lead strategist, Aditi, decided to ditch her 9-to-5 to help more businesses and individuals to tell the world what they’re all about. For a year, the agency was essentially Aditi and a bunch of talented people she collaborated with all over the world, producing some head-turning content for their first few clients. Today, we still operate as a lean remote-working team based across four cities. Our no-frills model allows us to produce great work at affordable prices. The bottom line – we understand business, profitability and the value of a great customer experience, and bring them all together in impactful brand growth strategies.