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How We Do It

Every growing business has different and ever-changing branding and marketing needs. To accommodate for varying business sizes, budgets and goals, we offer flexible collaboration models. Pick a model that works best for you or have a chat with us to figure out how we can help you.

Grow with Flow – Strategy + Execution

The Grow with Flow model is our full range of brand management services. We step in, take the time to understand your strengths and your struggles, and design a sustainable brand growth strategy for you. Whether it’s tweaking your website for maximum impact, or creating an audio content strategy, or standing GUARD as your Brand Police, we’ll devise a plan for you, and execute it with love, care and great precision.

This model is perfect for rapidly growing businesses with small, super-productive but overwhelmed teams who need to share their marketing burden with a trustworthy partner.

P.S. We become total insiders with our clients. We even open the fridge and help ourselves to snacks when we’re around. That’s how great partnerships work after all – lots of work, some giggles, no hunger.

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Just Strategy

Our Just Strategy model is perfect for teams with a lean marketing budget. This is for businesses who need strategic guidance on marketing, customer experience and brand building from the experts, but want to execute the plan themselves.

Depending on your business challenge, we’ll design a cost-effective, time-efficient process to build your strategy and empower you and your team to execute it.

So, if you’ve got an eager, talented bunch of young marketers, freelancers or interns, we’ll come in and show them the ropes, and get them ready to bring our strategy to life.

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Workshops & Creative Retreats

Our workshops offer a total escape into a world where it’s just you and your brand. Our team will facilitate a half-day, full-day or weekend workshop where we’ll shape, strengthen and clarify brand strategy, solve problems and build a solid foundation for your next big business moves. 

These retreats are hyper-focused affairs where we all put our heads together and solve your most complex short-term and long-term marketing challenges. Whether you’re facing a brand identity complex, need some solid strategy work or want to brainstorm for a rebrand or a new product launch, we’ll design the most effective session to tackle the challenge. 

Prepare for ‘Oh my God’ moments of revelation at these workshops. This is marketing wizardry and we’re bringing our wands. 

Sound like what you’re looking for?

Not sure what you need? No problem!

We twist and fit a wide variety of marketing needs, big and small.

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