February 10, 2021

How Your Brand is Being (Customer) Experienced on the Internet Today

By admin

Every time we talk to a client about customer experience, there’s this one thing that Bridget, our Head of UX, says: 


“With customer experience, you cannot control the event occurring, but you can certainly control how it plays out.”


And every time she says it, I see the realization dawn upon the client: It’s happening, whether or not we control it, it’s happening.


Social media has amplified a few things for the modern-day brand: It’s amplified your ability to reach and interact with your markets. 


But it’s also amplified the number of unseen interactions and touchpoints that your brand is hitting with a customer.


You might have a potential customer land on an abandoned social media account and lose interest right there. You might have a potential customer stumble upon your website and get turned off by careless design, error-ridden copy, or some other factor that you didn’t necessarily give your 100% at that point in time. 


Or, to the contrary, you might have someone accidentally stumble upon an old post, LOVE it and drop you a Direct Message to learn more about you. 


And that is why as a growing brand today, you need to ensure that all of these touchpoints, all possible entry-points into your brand universe across the Internet are exceptional. 


The customers who eventually reach you will interact with more than one brand touchpoint before they make a transaction decision. They will check out your social media, hop on over to your website and perhaps sign up for a newsletter and receive an email from you, too. 


Daniel Priestly’s book, Oversubscribed, talks about 7 being the magic number when it comes to big decisions – potential customers spend 7 hours with a brand or a business before making a major purchase decision.


So, a great brand strategy is to quickly rack up those 7 hours with quality content. If they spend 7 hours on your blog, consuming video content, listening to your podcast and reading your latest report – then, well, they’re very likely going to take a step towards transaction. 


So how do you take control of all of these touch points, and ensure you’re creating a remarkable brand experience?


It can be extremely intimidating to look at this as one massive thing to fix or get right. So, to release some of that pressure, we’ve got a technique for you that has worked for us for just about every brand, every business and every customer experience strategy we’ve helped design. 


You take stock of your brand universe. 


Look at each brand touchpoint in isolation, and then plug it into the whole brand picture you are creating. 


Take stock of all of your social media channels and possible touch points – all of them, including the dormant ones that you haven’t looked at in a while. List them out and against each one, write down: 

Purpose: The business or brand goal that the touchpoint is meant to serve

Promise: What are you promising a customer is going to get from being there?

Potential Delight Factor: How can you make it outstandingly interesting or enjoyable for your customer?


As you do this for each one, you’ll start to see the brand universe you’re creating, the gaps in your universe and the pieces you’re handling very well.  


Now zoom out and take a good look at that universe as a whole – does it feel like a place in which your dream customer will want to spend time? The answer should be a resounding yes. 


Your newsletter shouldn’t just be interesting, it should be delightful to read. 


Your social media shouldn’t just be active – It should keep them coming back for more.


Your website shouldn’t just be informative – it should positively move your customer to take the next step with you.  


If it isn’t, then work your way through the list until you’ve got the blueprint for an exceptional brand universe. I know it might feel like way more work than you can take on right now. But aim for the stars, right? 


There is one caveat, though. You’re not going to be able to delight your customers without knowing them better than they know themselves.


The heart of an exceptional customer experience strategy is well, the customer. So, if you’re not sure you know them well enough yet, then start there.