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Flow Concepts is a content collaborator with a focus on creating compelling content for and with start-ups and growing businesses.

Impact Makers


Founder & Lead Strategist

Aditi is big on creating authentic brand-customer connections. She’s connected a few hundred brands to over 100,000 customers using strategic, meaningful brand strategy messaging.  

Aditi started Flow Concepts after just under a decade of marketing and communications experience with businesses of various sizes. From the starting pits to the corporate offices, she quickly learned how brands ‘become’, and realised she wanted to zero in on those brand growth stories.  

Born in India, raised in Dubai and based in Norway, she brings to the table an open-minded, multicultural approach to give her clients an edge as they go global.  

Aditi’s expertise lies in brand identity and management for SME’s, personal brand design and breaking down branding and marketing concepts for non-marketer business owners. (If you’re just starting out, her Masterclass is a must-see)  

Keep up with her adventures on LinkedIn.  


Account Director & Head of UX

Do you know of those people who intuitively just ‘get’ what a customer needs, and how to serve that need? Every agency needs those people, and Bridget is ours.   

From performing needs analysis with consumers to designing customer flows and managing call centres, she has nearly a decade of experience helping customers through the highest and lowest points of their customer journeys.  

Her passion lies in designing delightful and memorable brand experiences that, in turn, lead to customer fan bases and thriving businesses.  

In a world that is highly competitive and has little room for entirely original products, she believes that the secret to success is in how you engage, surprise and delight your customer at every point, from an advertisement to your website to your chat bot to your after-sales service.  

Bridget specialises in customer strategy and research and User Experience (UX) Design.  


Head of Digital Design 

Puneet is a serial over-deliverer with a passion for bringing never-done-before digital projects to life. 

He has over 20 years of web design, SEO and brand identity design experience with companies of all sizes, from Cannon to Gillette to SMEs like the local coach-finder directory in Dubai. 

Puneet is an absolute client-pleaser, making him our most requested team member when it comes to digital branding projects. His commitment to get the job done no matter what, and completing every project exceeding expectations, makes him a favourite at Flow. 

Puneet and his team of digital developers and designers are based in Dubai, UAE. For the Flow team and client base in Scandinavia, Puneet is always one call away. 

While he can tackle various aspects of digital brand strategy, Puneet’s expertise lies in creating memorable digital marketing experiences, websites and strategic digital presences for brands. 

More about him on 

Join Flow Concepts

We take work seriously here at Flow Concepts, but we take ‘loving your work’ even more seriously. Flow Concepts operates as a lean, remote-working agency that creates some mean results. We are always looking to add awesome project managers, digital marketing experts, designers and writers to our project teams.

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first - Simon Sinek

Here are the qualities we are always on the lookout for:

  • Self-starters who are driven to create amazing things
  • Mature professionals who really don’t like or need to be monitored
  • People who love and are consumed by their work
  • People who believe in outcomes and results
  • No-excuse, get-it-done folks
  • Respectful, good-humored team players
  • Great time and resource managers

If this sounds like you, then please send us a link to your LinkedIn profile, your CV or portfolio, and a short video introducing yourself to