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GITF Ep. 2 February 10, 2021

GITF Ep. 2: The 11 Steps Between Intention and Action (And Why Most of Us Don’t Make It All The Way).

Ever wondered what it is that holds us back from doing the things we know are the ‘right things’ to do?

Ever wondered why new projects, jobs, even new years start off with great intentions and resolutions but why it’s so easy to fall off the good-habits wagon?

In this short episode, I’ve shared the 11 steps that we typically take from intention to action, and outlined all the hurdles along the way. From Faint Awareness in Step 1, through Doubt, Hesitation and Excuses in Step 6 all the way to Real, Long-term Action in Step 11 – walk the line with me and see if you can relate. If this is your path too, you’ll probably see where you stumble, stall and what you need to push past to breakthrough and take real action to create long-lasting change.