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GITF Ep. 1 January 27, 2020

GITF Ep. 1: Breaking the Mould – Finding Your Place in the Industry and the World with Dr. Karola Kassai.

Join me for an epic conversation with innovation and technology lawyer, angel investor, disruptive thinker, entrepreneur, Dr. Karola Xenia Kassai. In 2012, Karola set off on a path to disrupt the legal industry when she found herself struggling to fit into the age-old ‘ways’ of a typical law firm. That was when she founded KassaiLaw, her disruptive lawfirm for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Karola’s entrepreneurial mindset, burning curiosity and a deep desire to really serve her clients and make a difference led her to set up KassaiLaw, with the vision to reinvent the law firm experience for innovative businesses of all sizes.

Karola puts it best when she says ‘Entrepreneurs are always looking to disrupt, innovate and push boundaries. Their lawyers need to be disruptive, innovative boundary-pushers, too.’

In this conversation, Karola and I talked about feeling different and standing out, challenging tradition, some rather blunt and funny experiences she’s had being a woman in the male-dominated legal industry, about productivity, motivation and operating as a global remote working team way before COVID-19 happened to us and more. Headphones on, dive in, and enjoy! 

Want to dig a little deeper? Learn more about Kassai Law, Karola’s disruptive law firm for movers, shakers and disruptive entrepreneurs. 

      In this episode, you will discover:

  • How to find your entrepreneurial spirit and nurture it
  • Peak productivity tips from Karola – an entrepreneur who’s doing it all!
  • Karola’s biggest eye-opening moments growing her law firm
  • Some golden advice for rapidly growing global startups and teams
  • How to embrace your identity and feel comfortable in it
  • How to find your voice and use it to drive change