November 28, 2019

Running out of Black Friday Strategy Ideas? We’ll give you 10.

By admin

As a brand selling a product or a service online, it becomes super-important to jump on the bandwagon of days when your customers are showing up credit cards in hand, ready spend their bucks.

Whatever days those are, your research and data will probably include ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Black November’ and ‘Cyber Monday’.

We’re aware that most don’t particularly enjoy the dark side of consumerism, especially social businesses or brands who have eagerly taken a stand against it. You guys could just skip to campaign idea 10 – because we have something for you too.

But wait, can we hit you with a few facts, first? Just so you have some reliable numbers and statistics for Black Friday.

1: Norwegians are expected to shop for more than NOK 3.6 billion in Norwegian stores on Friday alone.

2: Emiratis are planning on spending around 1068 AED per person in both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

3: Global sales increase by an average of 624% in comparison to a regular day.

Black Friday Global gives you a comprehensive analysis based on the country you, your business, and your audiences belong to.

So, if you’re convinced Black Friday is for your brand, here are a few strategies to help you with your sales.

If not, remember – skip to number 10 for what else you can do on this day.

Create A Gift Guide

In many countries, people start thinking of buying gifts towards the waning end of November. While in some countries, Black Friday is just another time when everything is on sale and they just need a reason to shop.

Whichever the scenario, December seems to be a month for giving and receiving gifts. So, creating gift guides would be ideal.

You would be providing actual value when you carefully curate gift suggestions for your customers.

A gift guide can fall under several categories. From the usual gender categorisation to the quirky ones like – for a baker, a gym buff, a tech nerd, and so on.

Attract your casual shoppers with visually aesthetic gift guides for them to make impressive purchasing decisions.

Push Limited Edition Products

Does your brand have seasonal products or something uber special? Or is there something in mint condition in the inventory that didn’t sell this year and you’d like to give it a go now?

Now would be the time to push all your Limited Edition products!

Every consumer loves owning something or gifting something a little out of the ordinary. Curated limited edition products into your gift guides.

Add them as little surprise to mystery boxes or give them away to your first 200 customers as freebies, you’re sure to hit the sweet spot with this.


Name one person who doesn’t like gifts. Yeah, ok, The Grinch, but he’s hardly a holiday favourite, is he?

If you are planning to add freebies to purchases, don’t keep this a secret. Make it known. Loud and proud.

Build this into your social media strategy and watch your followers turn into your customers. Yay!

Create Shoppable Posts

Since this is the time of year when almost every person is out there hunting for deals, bring in the experience to the customer – on their social channels, of course.

You can now advertise your products with prices, highlighting Black Friday in the description; on Google My Business, Instagram, and Facebook.

Your followers can now use these channels to make decisions or directly visit your store – whether online or in-person.

Increase Your Ad-Spend

This is a no-brainer but it pays to make sure your ad budgets for the year take into account holidays or occasions when sales are through the roof.

So, it’s no surprise that during the Black Friday weekend, advertisers will be spending way more than usual.

If you plan to advertise on your social channels, consider increasing your ad spend a few days before Black Friday. This way, the ad gets enough time to optimize for conversions. You could also adjust and tweak along the way before the big day.

If your return during Black Friday sales is pretty neat, this can be seen as an investment. Just sayin’.

Free or Discounted Shipping

If you belong to the shipping and logistics industry, we’re sorry you have to go through the pain of global consumerism. But not everything is available everywhere.

Since discounts, sales, and freebies are pretty much the theme around Black Friday, why not include a few frills to attract more customers?

Throwing in discounted or free shipping on a purchase over a certain limit is sure to help your customer decide between buying from you or a competitor.

However, if you do throw in free shipping, be mindful of how you set your logistics up. You don’t want to upset your customers by not delivering their purchases on time, tis’ the season for a higher volume of orders.

Continue Your Sale To Cyber Monday

It’s become an effective sales strategy to extend Black Friday Sales to Monday, or Cyber Monday.

This is because of the growth of e-commerce. For those who slept through Black Friday, or get their paychecks by Monday, Cyber Monday is seen as the hero they don’t deserve.

So, you could simply focus your communications on letting your consumers know they can still get fabulous discounts. You could take advantage of this day by introducing influencer(s) to market a few products for you.


Let’s not forget about the customers who still love the brick-and-mortar experience. If you do have a physical space where your customer could buy your product or service, great!

If not, why not try going Live on IGTV or create a video for your website or on YouTube?

For those visiting your store, or tuning into your videos, you could offer to give out freebies to a few customers with their purchases. And you’ll never know, maybe your shoppers will end up buying more stuff!


This isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve read past this sub-head, great. We have something for you too.

If you’re one of those brands that chooses not to be part of this Black Friday/Cyber Monday shenanigans – we still think you ought to say something.

Although, we would like to warn you – this probably wouldn’t bring you the magical November sales spike everyone usually sees. But it would speak highly of your socio-environmental intent.

So, if you do decide to opt-out of Black Friday, use this as your golden chance to send out a strong message.

You could even give your customers or followers an explanation via your social channels, leading them to your website/landing page on your website.

Give your loyal audience a chance to better understand your brand philosophy and new audiences to get to know you better.

We hope these tips help your brand, no matter how big or small you are. There are a lot more clever strategies which could help boost sales or help you stand out. Creating hashtags, teasers, countdowns, or gift cards are a few more tools you can use.

Would you like to share your strategies with us? Write to us at We read every message that comes our way, and are HUGE on dishing out some warm-hearted advice and a little cheer.

Happy shopping and happy savings, all!